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AB Woodworks

Wood turnings handcrafted with care


My Products

Wildly Warped Madrone

Wildly Warped Madrone

Wildly Warped Madrone


These  were an experiment to see what Madrone does when finish turned while green.  The results are quite something!


Wildly Warped Madrone

Wildly Warped Madrone


Here are bowls I have turned from a variety of different woods.  Every wood turner loves to turn bowls!


Wildly Warped Madrone

Pens and Pencils


I have a full line of a variety of kitchen utensils including wine stoppers, coffee scoops, measuring spoons and cups, meat tenderizers and lots more!

Pens and Pencils

Pens and Pencils

Pens and Pencils


There is nothing quite like the feel of a hand turned pen or pencil.  Some are all wood, some acrylic, and some a wood/resin hybrid. Check them out!


Pens and Pencils



These rings are made with either titanium or stainless steel ring  cores and include wood, resin, and inlay material..

My Story


My interest in Woodworking

Started  when I was a kid.  I was affectionately known as daddy's little helper.  I worked alongside my dad building and mending fences.  My first solo project as quite a young girl was building a gift for my dad, an "electrician's bench" - think bench to sit on with  shelf to carry your tools wherever you are working.  Of course my dad loved it - bright orange paint and all!

For 45 years I have remained a  hobbyist woodworker who loves to tinker in her shop.  Until...


And then I turned....

While visiting my family in Wisconsin in 2019 my brother-in-law was trying to convert the Shopsmith he had inherited from my dad into a lathe - yes, the very same one I used as a  kid.  Ultimately he  was unable to get the needed parts and bought a  small lathe which I  tried.  I loved it!  I came home and bought myself a lathe and quickly became obsessed.  I now have both a large and small lathe and spend many hours nearly every day in my shop.


Love the Process

I love every step of the process, starting with a round from a tree to the completed piece.  Many times I approach a piece  of wood with no thought of it's final design. I enter into a silent conversation between myself and the wood... and every day I am getting better at listening to what the wood has to say.


My wife and I live in Southern Oregon and when I'm  not turning wood in my shop studio I am working as a Physical Therapist; I'm the director of "Women With Wings," a women's chorus based in Ashland; and I'm the proud mom of two of the most precious dogs I know.

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